w-21 3/4"    h-19 3/8"     d-11"     ( before coverings etc )



Brand new 1x12 cabinet-completed Nov 2018. Premium grade 5/8" 
RUSSIAN void-less birch ply throughout. Covered in original " M " black elephant tolex, grill cloth is the very rare and original
(new old stock) " M " biscuit, gold piping, gold inlaid string, black and gold top strap handle, & gold font logo. Three piece semi narrow open back (2pc shown).

$665.00 includes your choice of: CELESTION Creamback G12H-75 or G12M-65 16 ohm, Vintage 30 16 ohm, Redback G12H 150w 8 or 16 ohm
(Redback shown). Packing and shipping lower 48 also included. Shipping after funds fully clear. (pick-up at our Bay City Michigan shop is an option as well). Please fill out our contact form on the website or call 989.327.9744 for more info. 

  27 3/8"      h-  20 5/8"     d-  11 1/4  (before coverings etc)


Brand new-completed Nov 2018. Premium grade 5/8" RUSSIAN void-less birch ply throughout. Very heavy duty USA black levant tolex, Original "M" reissue bluesbreaker cloth, silver piping & logo font. Easily removable casters, rubber feet, metal side handles & black metal corners. Two piece semi narrow open back panels.  A one piece fully closed back panel is available as an option, as well.

includes protective slip cover, packing/shipping lower 48 & your choice of:

2-Celestion Creamback G12M65's @ 8 ohm / 130w mono (shown)
2-Celestion Creamback G12H75's @ 8 ohm / 150w mono
1-Celestion Vintage 30 and 1-Celestion Creamback H75 @ 8 ohm / 120w mono 
All connections soldered, USA high purity AWG 16.

Other Celestion drivers are available, as well, additional charge may apply. Contact us for details.

Shipping after funds fully clear (pick up at our Bay City, Mi shop is an option, as wellFeel free to fill out contact form if any questions, or call 989.327.9744.  

 4x12B   "shop cabinet"


Built early 2008. Premium grade 5/8" RUSSIAN void-less birch ply throughout. Genuine "M" UK black Levant tolex and large checkerboard grill cloth. Removable casters, rubber feet, white piping, gold inlaid string. New 2018 made in England 25-watt CELESTION GREENBACKS - well on their way to being fully broken in (yes, made in England once again, these are not the HERITAGE version GB'S). 100 watt 16 ohm mono. This cabinet, never gigged, used mainly in the shop to test different speaker brands & models, also displayed at several Michigan Amp Shows, spent summer 2018 at a professional recording studio in Metro Detroit, getting quite a bit of play on the Greenbacks. Rock Solid and sounds fantastic - not a showroom piece, a few scuffs here & there, as expected for an 11 year old cab. In need of a good home. For now, pick up here at the shop preferred.   $750.00 ( Michigan sale add 6%). Please fill out contact form or call (989) 327-9744 for info.


 (prototype built 2017   30" w   x   23 5/8" h    x   14" d  before coverings)


  Russian void-less birch ply throughout, permanently fixed (grooved/dadoed in) speaker baffle results in a much more "in yer face" modern tone as compared to our standard 2x12C. This cab is designed for the true METAL player, or anyone preferring a tighter, more articulate tone. Not for the faint of heart!

   As with our
BEAST™ 4x12, the 2x12C-U is a full 14" deep, features a one piece fully closed back panel, and has no gaps in the rear panel frame, for the tightest possible rear panel seal. Rear loaded speakers, very heavy duty/durable USA Black levant tolex, UK black weave grill cloth, black piping & silver font logo. Pop out removable casters, heavy duty black metal corners, metal side handles, and rubber feet. Easily removable front grill frame makes for a very versatile cabinet, with a few different tonal options! OLDER style removable "Tone-Bra" by LA CUSTOM ELECTRIC / DB INSTRUMENT AMP.

This cabinet is brand new, but has a few very minor blems, no tolex tears or rips, overall in excellent condition. This cabinet has never been gigged, it's been inside the shop since completion.  

$750.00 loaded with two broken in Celestion 16 ohm Vintage 30's from late 2008, or, $915.00 loaded with a new Celestion V30 16 ohm & Creamback G12H75 16 ohm.   All connections soldered.  **8 ohms/120w**

Local pick up by appt at our shop at this time is preferred, but may consider shipping. Michigan residents add 6% state tax. Please fill out contact form on our website or call 989.327.9744 with questions.  


We have two available units completed Nov 2017.   $395.00 ea (packing/shipping additional).