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Hi John, I had a chance to play my amps through the cab. All I can say is wow...the cab sounds HUGE for a 1x12! I also love the G12H30 in there, it sounds just like I hoped it would! The bass is full yet nice and tight. The high end it perfectly clear without being harsh at all. Really digging it! Thank you so much.
Stephen, metro Detroit 1x12

Hey John! How are you? Hope all is well.  I'm loving my cabinet more everyday. I can't say enough about the quality and tone coming from the cabinet. Here is a pic for you.
David, West Virginia,   2x12C w/  Creamback G12H-75's

Your cabs have a certain voice to them that I just love. Just the perfect balance of being open yet focused, and clear across the entire spectrum from low to high.  Always tight but never choked or beamy. Thanks again so much for not only your incredible product and expertise, but your attentive customer service. If only more businesses operated the way yours does. 
Blake in Virginia  Stoneage 1x12 and two 2x12B's

"My word man!!!! How do you work this magic?!?!?!! Plugged my DR Z SRZ65 in this evening and it's just beyond killer. Fat, complex and rich.....thump and harmonic complexity. I already know that the speakers are special too. Thank you so much for the beautiful build and for all of your help. Thank you also for your willingness to get this cab to's a special build and I love it. I've looked at it for the last year and I've wanted it the whole time. It's great to have it here. I'm gonna make lots of music with it. I'm a decades long Fender guy and there's an immediate diffusion I get from the Beast that hits my ear in the most perfect way with the tonebras in it. I honestly could use this 65 watt rig in a coffee shop or a stadium. My main worry was that it might be TOO punch and focused at lower volumes (I've experienced that with some great 4x12s) but the Beast did everything I asked it to do last night....and that included just getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER as the volume came up. Thing is, it's SO sweet at lower volumes...maybe it's all the air in there and the baffle construction that makes quiet, rich chords and lines sound 3D. I'm gonna be hitting the amp with a couple of Komets today and I look forward to comparing the cab directly with a Bogner and Suhr where did I leave my ear plugs....? Your builds, your communication, your packing and your willingness to spend the time to help customers realize the cab that is going to best suit their needs is easily the best I've experienced. You underpromise and over deliver and you let the cabs speak for themselves....StoneAge is special. 
Thank you! 
Johnny in Oregon  BEAST 2x12C-U    cab pic 2    Scumback BM75LD 65w

Hi John, The cab arrived in perfect condition. The cabinet is beautiful. An absolute work of art and master craftsmanship. Installing the speakers again blew me away. I think you may be a perfectionist! Everything fit perfectly. So you know my intention was to downsize from a 4x12 not really for a smaller, lighter cabinet but more for two less speakers pushing air for less volume and a tightened up projection. Well this 2x12C delivers better than every other 2x12 I've played through. Been at electric guitar for many years and have always been dissatisfied playing thru a 2x12 but this one dials in exactly how I want it. Some kind of magic! Les Paul, Seymour Duncan JB/59's, a couple dirt boxes, Frenzel 25 watt Plexi/Deluxe, StoneAge 2x12C, Celestion g12m's and Rock & Roll!!!! John your cabs are perfection. I hope to get another one soon.
Curtis in TEXAS  2x12C Black Elephant with Checkerboard  iMAGE 1  iMAGE 2


John, It is magnificent!!! What an incredible work of art…and sounds as good as I can imagine even possible! (Suhr Bella head w/2 Celestion Creamback H75’s)I’m forever grateful for all your kindness, incredible communication, and master workmanship. I’m so honored to have one of your cabs and look so forward to ordering another in the future. Wishing you and Diane a wonderful wonderful Thanksgiving Season!!!
All my best…Greg  2x12C Red Elephant-Black Weave

Just wanted to let you know I picked up and unboxed the cab tonight. I'm sorry to let you know that, unfortunately, your cab isn't really great, or even good. Better phrases to describe her would be fuc*ing awesome or downright sexy. Wow! I'm just loving how this turned out man. Absolutely mint. A straight up "M" cab, but just vastly superior. I love the feel of those satin black finished metal handles. I always hated how you could buy a $1,000 1960ax cab, and it was still covered in cheap plastic bits. Yours feels built, in all the right ways. Perfectly appointed too with the gold piping and no corner bumpers. I see what you mean now. It is quite right, and just as it should be. I haven't the time to install and solder up my speakers yet - but - I guess I might as well put this out there now. I think I'm gonna need another one of these!!
Alex in Pennsylvania StoneAge 4x12B  (blk elephant, biscuit & gold)

Hey John,
The cabinets are amazing, I have logged a bunch of hours on them now, and they still put a huge smile on my face. I have also A’Bed your H30 cab with my Marshall H30 cab and much prefer yours (even with the less broken in speakers). Hard to say on what my favorite is, Marshall rock and roll is my bread and butter, and those 4x12s are awesome, but I had a much better understanding of what I was getting in that department.  I already had 4x12’s with those speakers, yours just sound better, so there was less of a “surprise” here.  I am thrilled with these and couldn’t imagine better cabs for my Superlead and Superbass.

The 2x12’s have simply blown my mind.  I have stacked the 2x12’s, with the 65’s on there bottom, and put my Reeves amp on top of the stack, running both cabinets at 4 ohms.  The Reeves is a Hiwatt Custom 50 copy and the tone I am getting from this rig is just special.  I literally couldn’t believe it, I have only had one of those moments a few times since I started playing music, like there first time I heard a dialed in Plexi in person. I go back and forth with stuff, but this setup is where I have been spending most of my time.  I can play any style of music with this rig and a few pedals, it just nails everything, and Ive never heard 2x12’s sound this big and tight.  Thanks again for everything!!!  I couldn’t be happier with the quality of your work, the level of your customer service, and the tone if my new cabinets!! 
Thanks again, -Richard (Dallas, TX) 

Hey John, Thought I would send you a pic of all the cabinets. Rare that I have them all in the same place. First impression, I can't believe how big this sounds for a 1x12. You have some magic recipe going on here.
Thank you, Paul in TX  (two 2x12c and 1x12)

"Cabinet sounds incredible!! Sounds massive, best cab I've ever played hands down".  
Jon K. New Hampshire    2x12C Celestion Cream 90 alnico &  Creamback H-75

Hi, John, I just had to send you a pic of my rig. Fantastic speaker cab. Everyone was flipping out over my tone. Thanks again.
Jon M.      1x12 Celestion Alnico Cream 90

Hi, John, I'm just thrilled with the cab. It arrived yesterday afternoon with the outer box surprisingly clean. No damage noted-you really do take tremendous care in packing! Somehow an email can't quite describe how happy I am with the cabinet. I hooked it up to my 1959HW head with vintage Mullards and man oh man does it sound beautiful-full, musical, almost makes a hack like me sound good!  I even looked under the hood yesterday and the craftsmanship is just top notch. I really can't thank you enough.
Cheers, John in Mass. 4x12B black/biscuit/gold & Celestion Alnico Cream 90's     image #1      image #2

Hi John. Just wanted you to know the cabinet arrived safely today. I plugged it in and it sounds incredible! The craftsmanship and care that you put into each cabinet is clearly eveient and you were right, it looks even better in person than it did in the pictures. Thanks so much for all of your hard work!
Donnie in NY 4x12B  Celestion Creamback G12M-65's

Hi Jonh!
Last weekend I have unpacked the cab and loaded it with alnico and ceramic speakers. To say that I'm impressed would be an understatement. The cab sounds incredible! So wide and so .. accurate. I dont know english enough to describe it. I'm happy! I'm smiling since sunday. Thank you very much!  You make people happy!
With best regards, Alexander, Moscow, Russia   2x12C  Black Taurus-black weave cloth-silver

You are the man John! The cab is awesome! Thank you so much! Arrived today a day late because of the snow storm we had yesterday. It was packed bullet and bomb proof. Looks beautiful! Casters pop on and off easily, rolls nice and smooth. Craftsmanship is the best I've seen. Tolex work is flawless and so is the basket weave grill cloth, piping, back panels, jack, handles and beefy feet. Everything is top notch down to every screw. Colors are perfect and exactly what I wanted. Classic, beautiful, yet stands proud with authority. Just a work of art from top to bottom, front to back. Oh, and it SOUNDS amazing! My amp has never sounded better. Classic and toneful. Really brought the amp to life. Brilliant harmonic complexity, warm, powerful, punchy and tight. Your work really is the best. Just a perfect example of great American craftsmanship. You have been a pleasure to deal with from day one and all the way through the build, right up to delivery. Class act all the way and I can't thank you enough! It's so good to know that there are companies still out there that make you feel like your money was well spent. You are one of them and I got the best customer service, and a piece of gear that I am blown away by and proud to own. Thank you again sir!!!
Tommy in NY   2x12C Cream 90/Creamback G12H

John, I just wanted to say happy holidays and HNY, i know i am late, but i still wanted to do it. After all of this time, i am only using your 2x12 Cab.  It is still my most adored piece of gear. This cab will outlast me, or maybe i will have it buried with me, lol! I love it!
Max in Florida    StoneAge 2x12C

Gotta love it John, the low end is tight at all volumes, and the high end is present but sweet.
Teamed up with my Metroplex it's a game changer for me, seriously.  I think I'm selling off all my other amps and cabs.
My buddy Tommy just ordered a 2x12C from you, he's got a Metroplex as well. Between you and George you guys have seriously ended our search for the perfect rig.  The Celestion Creamback H and Alnico Cream 90 combo work great with this amp....chimey cleans all the way to classic rock/hard rock tones are achievable with just the guitars volume knob. I'm playing Blues/Classic Rock/Hard Rock (anything from Hendrix to Alice In Chains tones), although I could easily play Metal with this speaker combination.  Clean tones are amazing as well.   It moves air man, no doubt about it. Fat & Tight, best 4x12 I've ever played!  
J.R. (metro Detroit)  4x12B        pic 1    pic 2    pic 3    Celestion Alnico Cream 90 & Celestion Creamback G12H-75  

Hi, John, cab has seen a few gigs now and it is ALL THAT! AMAZING! I put my Scumback M75s in it and is just great! Thanks for all your effort and craftsmanship. You are truly a great asset to the Guitar World!
Chris  (Pennsylvania)     2x12C 

John, howdy & good evening. I hope this finds you well.
Just a note to tell you how much I am still enjoying your masterpiece 1x12. In fact, Last week I sold my Mesa Mark V and Mesa oversized 2x12. Depending on the application, I'm pushing:
    Edwards Hot Mama Head
    Mesa Rectoverb 25
    Glaswerks Zingaro
I don't know any technical terms, but the structural integrity is build to last. I can imagine this cab is going to get passed on to future generation. It's just sweet, solid and musical.
Best to you and yours,
Ike, in FL 1x12

Hey John,
I had a great time meeting both of you yesterday and really enjoyed the (shop) tour and conversation we had. The sound from those cabs simply blew me away when I played through them today.  Thanks again for your speaker recommendation and for doing such a fantastic job on the build.  I sent a couple pics and I am sure you will be just as surprised as I was to how cool they match.
Bill,  in Jackson, Mi.    2x12C (two) w/Celestion Creamback G12H75's.

I'am extremely happy with the 212B. You do fantastic work. I literally cannot stop playing my guitar now with this amp and cabinet. It looks great and it sounds fantastic. I'm really glad you talked me through the speaker choices that were available. The creambacks sound great and they are getting broken in quickly. It is refreshing to know that there are still companies like yours putting out such a high quality product while providing such fantastic customer support. Other companies could learn a thing or two from you. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you.
Sincerely, Charles in Washington   2x12B w/Celestion Creamback G12H's  pic one   pic two

Hey John,
loving the new cab; I used it at practice last week.  Drummer says, "It sounds like a stack!!"  :) I finally got to really put it to work and it just sounds fantastic.  I am using the 5:50+ on the 25 watt setting and it has a Celestion C90 speaker in it.  Sounds very natural, especially the cleans have that warm, multidimensional tone which I attribute to the open back but it still has plenty of focus.  The slant's really cool because I can hear myself perfectly.  I really appreciate the attention to detail and the great customer service you provided.
Clinton ~ Houston, TX  1x12

Hi John,
I got the cab today. Great packing job. The cabinet looks beautiful. It's definitely a sturdy cab.
So, I wired her up with a Vintage 30 on one side and Creamback H75 on the other (I use the speakers one at a time for different tones since I’m not a fan of mixing speakers in general) and I can definitely say the cab sounds great. My old 2x12 is officially up for sale and I know where I’ll be getting my next new cab from.  Attached for the fun of it is a pic of my 1974 super lead on top of the 2x12 and also for the fun of it on top of my 1973 Marshall 4x12 with Gm12 with original 03 cones. Thanks again for everything. I’m so pleased with the transaction from our first conversation until I turned my amp off this afternoon. Please count me as another satisfied customer.
John ~ Los Angeles, CA    2x12C

Hi John,
I've got the cab cranking. Sounds and looks incredible- you do nice work! Thanks again for a pleasant boutique shopping experience. I've attached a few pictures of your cabs (and some gear). You'll notice I have a "thing" for white.....Thanks again and take care.
John...New Jersey   [ two SCC 2x12 'C' cabs ]

First of all,  WOW!!! They are absolutely jaw dropping and they look perfect with my amp!
Yesterday i inspected them very carefully and everything is perfect...they where packed to survive the worst case scenario haha. I am totally blown away by the one with cl80!! {CELESTION CLASSIC LEAD 80'S}. I never heard my amp sounds so good, even the eg3/4 module wich i though where dark, now sounds thick, juicy AND clear! I am 200% satisfied by this cab, its exactly what i wanted! It sounds almost perfect with all my amp settings at noon. Its warm, balanced, tight and punchy and it can take a lot of gain without sounding mushy. I will keep them for years thats for sure!  So far, im super stoked and cant stop playing, my tone has never been that good!
Peace, Alex, Canada       two SCC 2x12 'B' cabs


There is no question that this cab has a perfectly balanced sound, and a rich, excellent tone. The bass is full, smooth, articulate, and tight, with great punch and lots of “marshall knock” on palm mutes. No mud, woof or flub here, right up to where the speakers are crying uncle. The cab resonates perfectly and just FEELS great at volume. I LOVE it! The mids are dense, harmonically interesting, clear and nicely audible, without being excessive, harsh, or buried. This cab has great projection and dispersion. It is also noteworthy that the G12M Heritages sound better to me in this cab than any of my other cabs, period. Rich, fat, smooth and complex, with lots of syrupy tone when hit with higher gain, and seem more composed and less compressed in their bass response, right up to their raunchy, wild break-up. Great stuff!!!  I have other cabs of different build design and size that sound different (eg more bass, less mids, etc.). But I do have to say I think this cab sounds better tonally and balance/clarity-wise than any of the others I’ve tried it against, from clean to vintage rock crunch to 80/90’s metal and thrash. Your cabs are a regular source of inspiration and help me enjoy my speaker and amp collection immeasurably, both sonically and in terms of the whole experience of owning, handling, cranking, recording, displaying, and otherwise enjoying and appreciating them.  Thanks John!
"MATT".....Florida .......    (  EIGHTEEN.......& counting.....S.C.C. 4x12B cabs )!!

   I received the cab safe and sound yesterday. I would like to compliment you on the best packing job I have ever seen. It was fantastic. You could have shipped a live baby in that box and it would have arrived safe and secure. The way you packed it tells me you are proud of your handiwork, and should be! Speaking of fantastic, the cab is beautiful. I have never seen a cab made with so much precision and detail. I have to say I love your StoneAge logo on the front of the cab. Just fantastic. And the salt and pepper grill cloth is the best.  As it just so happens, my band got together last night for a practice. So I rushed home, opened the box, and installed my speakers, connected her to my Plexi reissue and fired her up. Wow. Clarity is the first thing that came to mind. It makes the cabinet I was using previously seem like a toy. My drummer even commented that your cab made him realize that the cab is an instrument too.
Thanks very much for a great product. You can rest assured I’ll be touting your cabs to my guitar playing friends.
Eddie M. North Carolina  2x12 'C'

Hi John,
"The cab arrived today safely. It was very well packed. In fact, it was the best packed parcel I ever received. Thank you for that.The cab looks beautiful, so well crafted – it is like piece of art. And the best: it sounds huge! Tried it with my Metro JTM-45 ans was very, very impressed. That sounds as good as it gets. I dig it big time!
John I want to say thank you for your very good work and communication. I do appreciate that".
Best, Wolfgang  in Germany   'StoneAge 2x12'C' semi open w/ Celestion Golds

Hi John,
    I picked up the cab yesterday evening. It arrived well, everything is ok, no damages.It's amazing how it sounds! The volume it has is unbelievable! It's exactly what I wanted. First I played it with the closed back, then I removed the small panel and played it open. It's just great how it sounds for a 2x12" cab. It sounds as big as my Marshall 4x12" but it lets more space for the others. Our singer likes that :-)  I'm glad that I ordered it with both backs. I like the open sound very much. It has even more volume as the closed one I'll play it open for a while then, when I'm used to the sound, I'll try it closed again but at the time I prefer the open back for the sound we're making at the time. Your work is amazing. The cab is absolutely perfect! I never thought that it is possible to get such a difference in the cabs but it really is! The difference to my 10 Years old Marshall 4x12" with the Vintage 30's is enormous. Suddenly I get the sound and the volume I wanted and I'm cutting through without filling everything up, the other guy's from the band like that very much :-) The Scums sound exactly how I wanted. They really are the perfect choice for me, I like them very much! Thank you again for your great work! I'd like to order 2 1x12" cabs and a 4x12" cab immediately but I guess my bank account would not like it that much :-( but I keep it in mind! I can't imagine that I will use another cab as one from you in the future. It's the best cab I heard in my 30 Years of playing guitar! I's a pity that I didn't realized that before. Have a great time!
Daniel, in Switzerland   StoneAge 2x12 'C' closed & open back with Scumbacks

John... that is the most incredible looking cab that I've ever seen. All that I had hoped for & so much more. No offense, but your pictures do your work no justice. I could not be more pleased! & a funny little note - I've looked at every picture of a StoneAge cab that I could find on the internet. & at some point, I started to think - if these things are the quality that they appear to be, they are missing one detail that would really complete the package for a details guy like myself. In the end, I decided that I would wait until the cabinet arrived & share my thoughts on the detail if the cab met my expectations. & lo & behold, I pull the cab out of the pkg. & the first thing I see is the Marshall style tag (serial #, model #, ohms, ect.)! I should say - Marshall style, StoneAge improved (like everthing else appears to be). Exactly what I was going to recommend - some sort of badging (tag) on the rear with that info! Anyway - I just thought that was so ironic. Again - the thing is just gorgeous. You are an incredible craftsman. & were an absolute pleasure to communicate with. I'll be in touch soon. Thank you so much -
Brett from ARKANSAS      StoneAge 2X12"C"

Hi John
It was nice meeting you as well, I did play thru the cab and I must say its nothing short of amazing, the bottom end sounds like a dam 4X12! Needless to say I am more than pleased with it and couldn’t be happier, thanks again and look forward to more of your cabs in the future.
Frank, metro Detroit   purple levant 2X12"C" w/Celestion Blues  


I still can’t believe how good the 2x12C sounds compared to my old Av*t*r. The SA [StoneAge] just has better note definition and clarity. The Av*t*r is way more mushy and fizzy sounding, same speakers in both cabs.  I’m just switching between cabs, everything else being the same. Also reverb and effects sound way better through your cab as well. Love the large check grilcloth too....great work John.
Eric, B Florida.... 2x12C

Damn you John!   
I left work early today because all I could think about is plugging into that 412B!!
Hope this isn't going to be a regular thing...I've got bills to pay! Good thing I'm self employed......
I'm pretty sure that this cabinet sounds better than my 72 Marshall "A" cabinet that I never should have parted with! I told everyone when I puchased this cabinet that it would be my last attempt at a 4x12 cab.
My faith in 4x12's has been restored 10-fold. Really itchy to play out with it.........Thinking about a 1x12 or 2x12 in the near future. I've got to go cabinets calling me!
Talk soon.
Richard M.  Abington, Mass      StoneAge 4x12B


I have been using the cab in a lot of live venues. I find it works well in just about any situation. The other guitar player plays through a 4x12 and I some times have trouble hearing him. To me, when we play indoor venues the 2x12C fills the room with more sound while his 4x12 is more directional.  The cab sounds HUGE! Really nice tight low end and the open back really enhances the bass. Thanks!
Bret S.   Florida    StoneAge 2x12C semiopen w/Celestion Heritage H / V30


It was a great day. The day my StoneAge 4x12 cabinet was due to arrive. Passing the time in the basement studio playing guitar with a friend.  I had attached a note firmly to the front door with direction for the driver to knock loudly or call my phone.  After a long wait and a lot of playing, I stopped playing just in time to hear a diesel truck engine start up and drive away.  Rushing upstairs, I opened the door to see the tail-lights of the delivery truck rounding the corner, as it drove away.  I had missed the knocking, and the call.  No time to waste, I ran as fast as I could across the field in front of my house, hoping to catch the truck.  My friend stood in a daze on the front porch, watching sand kick up off my slippers as I ran. (No time to put on real shoes you know!)  Luckily, the truck turned right instead of left and I was able to jump in front of it, flailing my arms frantically at the driver to stop the truck.  She saw me in my desperate moment, took pity on me, and came around the block to deliver my cab. To the victor goes the spoils!  Great cab John, well worth risking my life by jumping in front of a mad delivery driver!
Thanks, Jeff T. Denver, Colorado    4X12'B''  2x12 'C'  and  1x12  cabs

   Let me start by saying, the packing job alone was fantastic, arrived in perfect condition. I saw the cover next, perfect fit, that guy does great work! [ ]. Pulled the cover off and saw a work of art!  That jet black looks BAAAAD man.  The tolex is gorgeous and that plexi logo looks sweet!  I could feel how solid this thing was when I was hauling it around.  Casters are ingenious, glad we went with those. Mind you, I have not even plugged this thing in yet and I am stoked.....  
   Plugged it into a Mesa Roadster 100 watt, diode mode, clean.  That Man O War is the best Celestion 75 I never had.  and the other Emi has a cool sizzle.  I actually like it much better than the G12H 30s I have heard.  You were totally right about the combination, they blend superbly and unless you put your ear in the grille they are seamless in sound delivery.  I actually had to re-eq some presence out and I was able to feed it more bass than anything I have had before.  No flub whatsoever. Then I could not resist and went right to ch 4, WO MAMMA.  Crushing cab man! Crushing!!!  Exactly what I wanted and shes not even broke in yet.  I can tell the 'speaks' are tight but not at all unpleasant. These is the best new speakers I have ever heard.  The amount of low end this thing has is crazy and it is tight, even pushing it.   Sounds fantastic, looks fantastic, well worth a wait twice as long.  I am so blown away.  From start to finish it has been truly a great experiecne in a world where customer service is dead/ dying.
Thanks, Marcus W....Springfield, Mo. 2x12C  closed  Emi Wizard & ManoWar

Hi John, the cab is great...sounds huge considering it's size! I'm thinking that when this M breaks in [boy, is it stiff] this will be a most excellent sounding rig. Your materials/workmanship and obvious attention to detail make for one fine product. Thanks VERY much!

Hey John,
The cabinet got here on Friday, as scheduled. I have to say that when I unpacked it, it was not
quite what I expected. By that, I mean: The tolex was perfect. The grill was perfect. The piping was
perfect. With the back panels off, the joint work on the cabinet was prefect. Absolutely no glue slop to be found anywhere. Just good solid finger joints that are, again, perfect. I was absolutely blown away by the build quality of your cabinet. I searched high and low for any flaws in the materials and workmanship, but was completely unsuccessful. Your work was impeccable. I am so happy and very impressed. Thank you so much for my personal note on the inside as well! That was too cool! Obviously, I was curious about the tone. I plugged in my Dr. Z Carmen Ghia and went straight in with my Tele. I had the amp at the sweet spot around 5, and..... WOW! It was big and clear with the right amount of bottom. The mids were smooth. The highs sparkled. The tonal spectrum was very broad. A few of our resident guitar nerds played it and checked it out with my Tele and a Les Paul Junior with 2 P90's. From a chicken picker to a shredder, they each really liked the cabinet with that head. On Saturday night, I used that cab with the Dr. Z and my pedalboard with my Tele. The guys in that band were very complimentary of the cab and they all noticed the difference in the tone.I am so looking forward to this coming Saturday. I'll be playing with "Petty Theft", the Tom Petty tribute band I'm in. I'll be using the JTM45 with the cab, so I'll get to hear it at volume. They are a LOUD band,so I usually play that head around 4. I'm sure it's going to be awesome! Again, thank you so much for the GREAT cabinet and the GREAT customer service! I will certainly recommend you highly to anyone needing a killer cabinet in the future!
Dan Petruzzella...2x12C with Celestion Heritage 'M'     


From the very first Email, it was evident that John is a perfectionist about his cabs. I called him and we spoke for quite a while about the different types of tone that I would want.... we decided to go with a 2x12 cab, with 2-Celestion Golds. He sent me pics all along the way of building it (since he builds everything completely by hand), alot of detail goes into making the cabs perfect.  That's just about sharing info and including the buyer in the process of completion. I also asked for an open back with a 3rd panel to close it if I wanted, and John took the time to make the piece for me, and make sure it fit perfectly snug. He also made a full back for me in case I ever just wanted to use a full back instead. Of course there was an upcharge for these things, but it was very reasonable.
  When he finished, it looked outstanding, John took great care to do a super packing job as well and when I got it, I was extremely pleased with the workmanship and attention to detail just as much as the phenomenal sounding cab this turned out to be. I will be ordering another one soon! Thanks Again John and Much Aloha!
Perry S. Kailua,Hawaii  'StoneAge' 2x12C w/Celestion Golds   


Just a quick email to tell you that the cabinet arrived, and is safely sitting in my jam room.  After I un-boxed it, and took a look at it for the first time, my jaw hit the floor... It is by far the best looking cabinet I've ever seen...  Im am tickled to death on my color choice too, its absolutely perfect. The black levant tolex, the gold piping, and the salt n pepper grill cloth compliment each other perfectly.   Those Heritage G12H's are amazing just like you said. Man, does it sound good... The sound projection is fantastic too.  I had one of my guitar buddies with me and I would swear I saw a tear running down his face, lol...  I could not be happier.  Thanks Again,
AK ...Millbury, Mass  SCC 4x12B with Celestion Heritage H!!

"These cabs are built rock solid with great attention to detail.  The tone is nothing short of stellar.  Bass response is focused/tight with an airy openness that only an open back cab can provide.  Great projection and articulation.   Undoubtedly the best cab I have ever had the privilege of playing through.  If you don't think that cab construction plays a crucial role in the tone chain, think again.   Customer service is above and beyond".
Dave S. Phoenix, AZ . 212B semi-open back/  Red Fang/Wizard... 2x12B w/ Celestion Heritage H & 2x12C


"The excellent customer service and outstanding build quality offered from StoneAge Custom Cabs cannot be surpassed! You won't see the big names offering anywhere near the options StoneAge does! "
Nathan J.....Kalispell, Mt. 4x12'B' w/ Eminence Governors

"From day one I was impressed with John when he called me within 30 minutes of emailing him.  That was the beginning of an outstanding customer service experience that lasted well past the delivery of my 4x12.  I wanted to experiment with two different speaker types in an X pattern and John spent a great deal of time with me over the phone and in emails to discuss various speaker specifications to ensure we had a good mesh between the two types.  We ended up using Eminence Governors and Wizards and after the break-in period they sounded simply outstanding in this cabinet!  This cab is now my primary cabinet in my rig. John's cabs are built to last centuries and deliver a fantastic spectrum of tones especially when cranked!  If you're looking for quality and tone at a reasonable price then StoneAge has the goods!"